HMPC Gallery - October Artist  

The Gallery at High Mountain Presbyterian Church in Franklin Lakes is presenting works by artist Sylvia Taylor for the month of October.

Ms. Taylor resides in an artist live/work space in a renovated 1905 Firehouse in the Valley Arts District, Orange, NJ. An observer and lifetime artist, Sylvia creates one-of-a-kind collages and studio jewelry.

Sylvia's collages have been described as rich, mysterious and complex; thought provoking, with a hint of intrigue below the surface. Her collages are colorful with texture and depth created in the layering technique she uses. A variety of handmade and appropriated papers are attached with archival glue to an acid free watercolor paper base, with additional touches of color via acrylic paint. Using a consistent, contained format for the collages allows for abundant discovery for the maker and viewer.

About the collages, Sylvia expresses, “My collages are about our experience of the moment; defined by layers of history, not all visible, but nonetheless, still experienced. The hidden layers create a richness that otherwise would not be.”

Sylvia studied at California College of Arts and Crafts, Oakland, CA and Montclair State University, Montclair, NJ, and has exhibited extensively in the area. 


The Gallery is located in the church at 730 Franklin Lake Road, Franklin Lakes, NJ 07417 201-891-0511. Gallery Hours are Mon-Fri, 9AM-3PM. 

Gallery hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 3:00pm, and Saturday by appointment. Sunday Worship is at 10:00am to11:30pm followed by Hospitality and fellowship at 12:00pm.






Franklin Lakes, NJ 07417, 201-891-0511,, 
Hours are M-F 9AM-3PM, Saturdays, 9:30-11AM.