Every Sunday 10:00 AM Worship

Communion served 1st Sunday of Month

Choir Practice 8:30-9:30AM

Knitting Group 2nd Sunday of Month in

Sanctuary 12-1:30PM

Every Tuesday – Bible Study 7-8:30PM

Every Wednesday - Bible Study with

Rev. Lou Kilgore 10-11:30AM

Bell Choir Practice 7PM


Thu 1/19 Personnel 10AM Session 7PM

Fri 1/27 HMPC Book Group 1-3PM                                

Sat 2/4 Artist Reception 1-4PM


Mission Team Project for “Souper” Bowl Sunday

This year’s collection for the Center for Food Action (CFA) includes a new option in addition to cans of soup. On Sunday, January 15th, you can pick up a CFA soup container “Bank”, use it to collect spare coins and cash for three weeks, then bring it back on Sunday, February 5th. Canned soup is a great gift, too, but cash is more versatile and will allow CFA to provide a variety of foods for families in need.


Book Club at HMPC

The Book Club meets on the 4th Friday

of the month and anyone is invited to

come and discuss the books. The Book

Club will meet again on January 27, 2017, at 1PM.

My Personal Wishes

A few years ago, Linda Latham, Mary Guidetti McColl, Carol Margreither and Barbara Fernstrom met several times to develop a booklet, “My Personal Wishes at the Event of My Death”. This was to give those who were interested a guideline to express to their families how they would like everything to be handled after their death. This includes requests for funeral arrangements, memorial donations, organ donations, information for death certificate and newspapers, as well as location of important papers. If you would like a copy of this form, please contact Chris Buckley. It is suggested a copy be given to a family member for reference. We hope you will find this helpful.


Prayers & Announcements

Announcements for the Sunday Worship

service should be emailed to the church

office. If you would like the community

to pray with you please call the office at



Annual Reports for 2016

A first reminder that the office would like all annual reports in, via email, by Friday, February 10, 2017. If you would like to send your report in sooner, rather than later, we are accepting reports starting next week. Thanks!



Our focus Bible story for this Sunday is Matthew 4:12–23. As we enter this text, we meet Jesus starting to preach and gather disciples. Verse 12 reports that the arrest of John the baptizer is a turning point, a decision point, for Jesus. Choosing to follow in the way of God was the heart of John’s message before his arrest. Now the call to change directions and journey in God’s ways becomes Jesus’ message. Jesus’ ministry unfolds in Capernaum in Galilee, the part of Galilee inhabited by Gentiles. This was the ancient land of the tribes of Zebulun and Naphtali. In offering this detail, Matthew points to Jesus as the fulfilment of the words in Isaiah 9:1–2. Jesus calls the crowds to repent, to change, to turn one’s life in a new direction. The call of the disciples in verses 18–22 seems like expected to them. By hearing to Jesus’ message and follow, these brothers changed the direction in their lives, setting a model for the church and all who seek to follow Jesus from that point on. At our time together, we will explore opportunities to reflect on what it means to be called to this adventure of discipleship. What are we being called to do? How does answering Jesus’ call to “come and follow” fit in with the other choices and decisions that our young people face as they move through teenage years? As we provide a warm, loving, and invitational community, we hope and pray that they will be inspired and encouraged to consider responding to Jesus’ invitation to follow in God’s way of love. Jesus’ call wants to stimulate in us a decision that defines and gives us unity as followers in the way of God. We are given the opportunity to move from a former time into a future time. All children and youth are welcome to join us for Bible story time and activities on the 2nd floor after the time of conversation with the pastor in worship. Childcare is available for children 4 and under on the 2nd floor as well.


Travel with a Purpose – Paterson Habitat to Gulf Coast

Since Hurricanes Katrina and Rita made landfall in late 2005 Habitat for Humanity has built, rehabbed and repaired more than 6,000 homes. The Gulf Coast region is still dealing with the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Gulf Coast affiliates continue to build houses in the hurricane-affected areas as part of Habitat’s long-term program―the Hurricanes Katrina and Rita Recovery Effort. No construction experience is necessary. TWAP trips are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to do something truly meaningful, discover a new culture and new friends, and learn some new things about yourself, too. Paterson Habitat has returned to the Gulf Coast year after year to help with these efforts.

Wednesday February 15th – Saturday February 18th

Shorter trip options within these dates are available by request.  Email if you are interested in joining the team.


Coalition of Immokalee Workers Update

CIW had the honor recently of welcoming the Rev. Jan Edmiston, Co-Moderator of the Presbyterian Church (USA) to Immokalee. Representing nearly two million Christians nationwide in the highest elected position within the PC (USA), Rev. Edmiston’s visit signified the latest demonstration of her church’s deep and unwavering commitment to the CIW’s work, a commitment that has been a crucial driving force in the success of the Fair Food Program.

 Rev. Edmiston received a warm welcome from CIW members and a tour of the very community center and low-power radio station that both the PC(USA) and the Peace River Presbytery generously helped to launch thirteen years ago. After hearing firsthand from CIW leaders about the transformative changes that have taken place in the fields, Rev. Edmiston both met with Judge Laura Safer Espinoza of the Fair Food Standards Council, to learn about the FFSC’s role in monitoring and enforcing workers’ rights under the FFP, and traveled to Sunripe Certified Brands to hear from a participating grower in the Fair Food Program about how this unique partnership is bringing dignity and human rights to the fields for the first time in decades — and having a positive impact on the growers’ bottom line.

Before departing, Rev. Edmiston shared the hope she felt during her visit to Immokalee, and her plans to follow-up her visit with action in the broader PC(USA) community.  Her visit was a welcome ray of inspiration in difficult times. CIW received $500 from HMPC Mission Funds in 2016. To learn more about this program, go to


              Sunday Server Sign-Up Sheet; First Quarter 2017










L. Noonan



Patricia Pastas

P. Peterson

T. Strasser



M. McColl


L. Dearani

Patricia Pastas

N. Chaparro J/C O’Shea


C. Meslink

L. Peterson-Kilgore

L. Dearani

R. Oliver

Patricia Pastas






F. Auld


S. Dirringer

Patricia Pastas


J/C O’Shea


L. Latham

C. Rizzo


K. Huntington

Patricia Pastas

P. Peterson

N. Chaparro


D. Loukos

L. Dearani



Patricia Pastas

T. Strasser J/C O’Shea



S. Aylward

S. Dirringer


Patricia Pastas

P. Peterson

T. Strasser J/C O’Shea


E. Olsson

T. Jadick


D. Loukos

Patricia Pastas


N. Chaparro



M. Carbone



Patricia Pastas


P. Peterson


M. Holt

C. Mainardi


S. Lehmann


T. Strasser

N. Chaparro

*Assigned families can decide who will be reader. Please inform Chris who is reading one week before you are scheduled. If you cannot be available when assigned, please switch with someone else and inform the office of this change. Please check PM regularly to see the date of your assignment. We need a few more volunteers for the listed duties. If you can help in anyway, please call the office at 201-891-0511 and we can add you to the list. Thank you for your kindness and generosity in assisting with the church service.