Every Sunday 10:00 AM Worship

           Choir Practice 8:30AM

Communion served 1st Sunday of Month

Knitting Group 2nd Sunday of Month in                   

                  Sanctuary 12-1:30PM

Every Wednesday - Bible Study with         

           Rev. Lou Kilgore 2-3:15PM

           Bell Choir Practice 7-8PM


Sun 5/10 Mother’s Day Cake Auction

Mon 5/11-14 Pastor Lou-Conference

Sun 5/17 Knitting Group Meets

Thu 5/21 Personnel Meeting 10AM 

               Session 7PM 

Fri 5/22 HMPC Book Group                     

Sun 5/24 Pentecost


Pentecost Sunday – May 24 

Pentecost Sunday is a celebration of the receiving of the Holy Spirit by the early church. John the Baptist prophesied the first Pentecost when Jesus would baptize with the Holy Spirit and fire. God’s very life, breath and energy live in believers. During John 20:19-23 the core of the message will be about our risen Savior supernaturally appearing to the fear-laden appearing disciples. He assured them peace and repeated the command given in Matthew 28:19-20 saying, “As the Father has sent me, I am sending you.” Then He breathed on them, and they received the Holy Spirit.

May l0th and l7th you will receive pamphlets in your bulletin and an offering envelope on May 24th. 40% of what our Church received will stay here at High Mountain Presbyterian and the rest will be forwarded to Presbytery.


Mission at the Eastward Maine 2015

Have you ever considered joining a short-term mission team to engage in some relief work among the poor? If you have or even if you never have before, now is the time to consider an

opportunity to go. On June 27th a group is organizing to join the Mission at the Eastward in Farmington Maine to make homes safer, warmer, and drier for the poor and elderly who need help. This is a group building experience, intergenerational and a great mixture of work you can do and fun you won’t want to miss.   

We will travel to Maine in cars and vans on Saturday June 27th.   We’ll stay in the University of Maine housing and eat in the dining hall there. On Sunday we will worship with the Presbyterian Church there and then receive our work placements for the week from the workers who run the relief programs.     

Monday through Thursday we will engage in helping in all kinds of tasks as we are assigned. We will paint and

clean and insulate and repair what we can and what we can be trained to do. Our mission will be to work and learn and build relationships with people who are struggling and can use some help. We will also do all kinds of growing and learning activities to expand our horizons in faith and relationships. 

This trip is a faith stretching experience for youth and adults. The trip is open to youth ages 15 and up. Children younger than this may attend with their parents but it is not a trip for anyone under the age of twelve. Special arrangements must be discussed for younger children to attend.   Last year we had adults of all ages who attended and they were very glad they did. 

Please indicate you interest to Pastor Lou who is coordinating the trip for the fourth year. The cost per person will be approximately $350.00 per person for the week. This will include all expenses. Everyone will be expected to participate in some fund raising effort to offset the costs to the mission budget of the church. Every year the mission committee subsidizes the trip to make it affordable for everyone. If you need extra help contact Pastor Lou to discuss you desire to go. 

As the summer approaches we are in need of hearing about your interest now. A deposit of $100 should be paid now to reserve you place. Pastor Lou and others will be available following the worship services this week and next to

answer questions. You can share the news of this to anyone who might want

to go. Teenagers looking for opportunities for community service are invited to apply. You do not need to belong to High Mountain Church in order to attend.

If you are planning to go to Maine this year please contact Pastor Lou now to let him know.   Contact Pastor Lou at or you can call to discuss 908-930-5705.


Book Club at HMPC

The Book Club meets on the 4th Friday

of the month and anyone is invited to

come and discuss the books.

May 22 Where’d You Go Bernadette? by Maria Semple

June 26 Wild by Cheryl Strayed

September 25 Edge of Eternity by Ken Follett


Mark Your Calendar 5/10/15 Mother’s Day Cake Auction

Get the baking pans out!!    We’re starting to gear up for the 20l5 Mission Tour to Maine. You are invited to bake a cake (specially decorated so it can be auctioned off by Pastor Lou) for our annual Cake Auction to support the Mission Trip in July. We have had two years of fun and excitement at our cake auctions. Please put your name on the dish so it can be returned to you. You may add the recipe if you wish. There will be other ways that you can assist our Mission Tour. Watch for more info in the PM.


“Let Your Faith Grow!” Planting Campaign      

Exciting new plans for the High Mountain church property will be underway this spring. Along with the required upgrade of added parking spaces, sidewalks, and lighting, we are required by the town to plant hundreds of trees throughout the church property.

We are happy to introduce a fundraising campaign to plant trees on our church property. Each tree will become a named tree, to include such markings to reflect the buyer or honored individuals.  The buyer will be presented with a map indicating the location of their tree on the property.  We are also inviting you to purchase ‘tribute bricks’ which will be used as part of the landscape design. These bricks can be personalized with your message. Landscape seating benches are also available which will include a dedication plaque.

Designed for every budget, this fundraiser allows you to help keep our property green, beautiful and growing into the future!

You can fill out the attached form and return it to the church office with your check.             --The HMPC Session



This week we read a story about Jesus and his friends from the gospel of John 15:9–17. This session offers an opportunity to affirm the friendships within the group and encourage children to expand their circles of friendship by reaching out in love to others. The stories during this Easter season show us how Jesus’ friends learned how to carry on Jesus’ work in the world. Children will be invited to listen to a story about a time when some of Jesus’ friends were also remembering Jesus’ friendship. Friends are very important for children and the loyalty of friends is expected, though not always guaranteed. While peer friendships are important, having friends of older ages is also important. Adults, who befriend children, are valuable assets to any child. Such cross-generational friendships within the church community provide children and youth with valuable mentorship for living faithfully. We will explore ways to have Jesus as a model for friendship. Their experiences of prayers and meditations may also add to their ability to accept the friendship of Jesus.

There is Confirmation Class this morning. Please bring your homework, your notebooks and catechisms little books. We will continue working on our journals and your statements of faith. Patricia Pastás, Amanda and Maddie Lembo will lead the story time at Faithworks. All children and youth are welcome to join us on the second floor.

Upcoming events

·         May 24 – Day of Pentecost and Confirmation Sunday. Confirmation Class 2015 will meet with the Session before worship. Reception to follow. Please make sure you are in attendance.

·         June 14th – Celebrating our High school graduates, our eight graders and give thinks to our Faithworks volunteer teachers and our childcare workers.

·         July and AugustFaithworks recess. Indoors-outdoors games and activities will be scheduled during worship service. Childcare for children under 5 years will be provided as well.

·         August 17 to 21- Vacation Bible Camp (VBC). August may seem like a while from now, but it’s time to start planning for our 2015 VBC. Come join us on Thursday, May 7 from 6 to 7:30 pm on the 2nd floor of the church for our first planning meeting of the year.


Knitting Group Update

The Knitting Group meets on the second Sunday of each month to gather for knitting fellowship and camaraderie. In the month of May, there will be a slight change in the schedule due to Mother’s Day, May 10th. The group will meet on the third Sunday, May 17th instead of May 10th due to the Cake Auction at 11. Please mark on your calendars.

Cleaning With Habitat

It’s Spring Cleaning time and Habitat Restore has many great furnishings for sale. The store, located at 415 Hamburg Turnpike, Wayne, is open Wednesday through Sunday. Donate your gently used furniture, appliances, kitchens, lighting, decorative home décor, etc. Free local pickup is available. Check out their new website,, or call 973-782-6996.


Memory Garden Work Day May 9

Please join us Saturday, May 9 at 9 am to complete plantings and cleanup of the Memory Garden, followed by lunch. RSVP to Barbara Fernstrom, or 973-271-3389. 


Jersey Jubilation Hand Bell Choir Concert

11th Annual “Ring in the Spring” hand bell concert on Friday, May 15, 2015 at 8PM. Ridgewood United Methodist Church, 100 Dayton Street, Ridgewood, NJ 07450.

More information: 201-447-2751 or email


Sunday Hospitality Helpers

Just a reminder to everyone that we are always welcoming new Hospitality Helpers to our schedule. If you are willing to bring crackers, a few cheese/fruit/vegetable platters and something cool to drink plus ½ &½ for our coffee drinkers, you might love being on our rotation! This is an important ministry to the life of our church and any assistance from new people would be greatly appreciated! (And a huge” Thank You” to the people who regularly help us in this ministry!)


Prayers & Announcements     

Announcement for the Sunday Worship service should be emailed to the church office. Your announcement will appear in the next Sunday bulletin. Deadline is the Wednesday before that week’s bulletin comes out.

If you would like the community to pray with you for a person or circumstance please call the office at 201-891-0511.


    Sunday Server Sign-Up Sheet; Second Quarter 2015









M. Holt

L. Latham

F. Auld

C. Meslink

P. Pastás

A. & M. Lembo


G. Thornton

P. Harder

C. Mainardi


P. Pastás

I. Cervantes, G. Nutile


B. Graham

D. Bourhill

C. Rizzo


P. Pastás

Faithworks Staff



L. Latham


T. Jadick

L. Dearani

P. Pastás

A. & M. Lembo


D. Loukos


L. Peterson

J. Watkins

P. Pastás

I. Cervantes, C. Herrera


T. Jadick


S. Aylward


P. Pastás

A. & M. Lembo


D. Bourhill

M. Holt

L. Dearani


P. Pastás

C. Herrera, G. Nutile



B. Jordan

C. Meslink

M. Palermo


P. Pastás

A. & M. Lembo

I. Cervantes

*Assigned families can decide who will be reader. Please inform Chris who is reading one week before you are scheduled. Two or more people can share ushering and hospitality duties. If you cannot be available when assigned, please switch with someone else and inform the office of this change. Please check PM regularly to see the date of your assignment. We need a few more volunteers for the listed duties. If you can help in anyway, please call the office at 201-891-0511 or Kathy Behnke at 973-427-3905 and we can add you to the list. Thank you for kindness and generosity in assisting with the church service.