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Sun 11/30 1st Sunday Advent


What Does It Mean To Be A Presbyterian?  Part 1

I thought I would spend some time writing about membership in a Presbyterian Church in preparation for the upcoming classes I will be offering on November 9th and 16th.

Presbyterians are part of the world wide Christian Family. We are part of the Christian religion, along with Roman Catholics, United Methodists, American Baptists, Christian Reformed, Episcopalians and many, many more communities of faith. Essentially we hold to the same beliefs, but on certain matters we have disagreed about the particular ways of understanding the Christian faith and how to practice it.

Presbyterians formed in communities during the early part of the 1500’s, in the shadow of the invention of the printing press, many people began to have access to the bible. Like Lutherans and others the first Presbyterians took exception to many of the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. Mainly they objected to the way the relationship between God and humans was understood and maintained. They also did not like how decisions were made about faith and practice.

Presbyterians wanted to have a balance of power in the church between the professional clergy and leaders of the community. They feared the absolute power of the pope and they feared the anarchy of popular democracy. So they developed a system of governing the community of faith with a system of government that created a balance of power between the clergy and certain chosen leaders in each community.   Members of these leadership councils, both clergy and non-clergy were called “presbyters”. 

So while ideas and doctrines about who God is and what a relationship with God requires have changed over the years in our churches, we are Presbyterians because of who makes the decisions that lead the church.


Membership Class Planned for November

Over the past year or so many you have come to be part of the community here at High Mountain. That is very exciting and we are so happy to be joined in this community with you all. Until now we have not organized a way for those of you who have become so much a part of this ministry to formally join the church. So during the month of November, immediately following the worship services I will be hold orientation classes for those considering membership in the High Mountain Church. We will provide childcare for the young ones and some light lunch for those who stay for the presentation

If you are interested please email me, and let’s discuss your interest and your availability. Maybe you are not sure if you are a member. Since we are a new church there was some confusion about who joined and who didn’t when the new church was organized. If you signed the church charter, then you are a member. If not, or if you don’t remember, then let’s talk about it. This class will be helpful to you as you grow in commitment to the Mission of High Mountain. Maybe you

are a member but would like to get a refresher course on what membership

really means. This class after worship is for you.

The purpose of the classes is to explain what being a member involves and also to help you meet other new members. The classes will be one hour long. I will hold them on two Sundays, November 9th and November 16th. Try to attend both, but let me know if you can attend only one and we will design the class accordingly. The class will help you to decide if you want to be a member of this church, and at the end of the session, those who wish to do so will be given the opportunity to join. The church council (Session) will vote to approve those applying for membership at their regular meeting on November 20.

Then on a Sunday in December we will receive those who want to join in the worship service.

Membership in the High Mountain Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) affords you the right to vote in congregational meetings. These usually include the right to elect whom you want to serve on the church council (Session), vote on matters related to the Pastors salary, vote on matters of property sales and mortgages. Membership also makes you eligible to elected and serve on the church council if called upon. There are also a few other offices of the church that require you to be a member in order to serve.  

You do not have to be a member to help out with the ministry of the church or to play an important role in supporting the church and joining in the community. We normally require that those who would serve in a teaching or leadership role become members, especially those working with children. You do not have to be a member to make a pledge of support or to contribute donations to support the work of the church. We are happy to have and receive support from many who for a variety of reasons do not wish to join formally. 

Please contact me to let me know of your interest or if I can answer any questions for you. or you can reach me at the office 201-891-0511 or my cell 908 930 5705

                         --Pastor Lou


Existing Members of HMPC

..…are invited to the New Members class, as well. Existing members might find this class enlightening, especially if they have not attended a New Members Class in a while.


A Whole Season of


As the leaves are turning and falling it signals the end of one season and the beginning of another. It is a time of transition in nature. We are moving from one thing into another. I tend to think of two seasons. Spring and summer blend together, and Fall and Winter often feel like one season to me as well. These are really wonderful opportunities to pause, even if just for a few minutes and see where we are, where we have come from. It is a good time, a natural time to evaluate, reassess, and formulate plans and hopes for what comes next. 

We here at High Mountain Church have had and amazing experience over the last two years. We truly have been like the fabled Phoenix, a mythical bird that rises to life out of the ashes of death and destruction. We have risen, merged into one living mission and community and we have charted a course together, trusting God for the future and caring for each other along the way. In some ways we have come to the end of the beginning. And I am full of gratitude for the mutual trust and support that we have developed for each other. Together we have overcome some really big challenges. We have had some big disappointments and losses along the way, but here we are, now entering our third year as a one community walking together in faith. We have been joined by many people who are caught up in the good will and faith that make us one. Our children’s program has doubled in size. ( That means the five or six have become 10 or twelve) Our worship attendance is growing. We served communion to 71 on October first. Our location is more welcoming. Our outreach to support works of compassion and love is amazing. This year alone we have given more than 10,000.00 to partners like Habitat, PCUSA world mission, food pantries, and safe shelters for children. Our weekly Bible study is attended by 10% of our worshipping community

In a culture and climate where some churches are shrinking and dying, we are thriving. We are full of life and joy and hope for the future. Even though we have experienced the loss of dear friends through death, we have met some new friends and great partners for this journey of walking and thinking and sharing our journey of faith with God. 

These thoughts are what comes to my mind when I think of our life in faith and our church community. I hope you have similar thoughts and feelings.   I know many of you do. I am also hopeful that when the time comes this fall to make your pledge of support to High Mountain Church, that you will let your hopes and prayers for our life together influence your level of support for this community. Starting now we will begin to prepare for our commitment Sunday on November 23. 

Mark your calendars to attend worship that Sunday especially and come prepared to make a pledge of your support for this church and its ministry of hope and faith. 

During this change of seasons, my hope is that we will together see the things that are right in front of us that we want to last. My hope is that we will not wait until something we value is gone before we realize that we can make the difference to ensure that what we value, remains and grows and becomes a place of strength and hope for others. Take time to prepare your thoughts and thanks giving. Don’t wait until the prayer before the thanksgiving meal to take inventory and set your sights for what matters most. The seasons are changing. Somethings will prevail, season after season, if we give our love, our faith, prayers and support and do everything we can to see to it. 

               --Pastor Lou



Dear church families, children and youth, please do not forget to turn backwards your clocks one hour this Saturday, November 1st before going to bed as daylight saving time ends! So, how about if you use the extra hour to come to church earlier! J This Sunday we will have Communion and it would be a great opportunity to assist in the worship service as we share together in the Lord’s Table. So please consider coming to church this Sunday at 9:30 am and be part of the celebration also.

Our focus Bible story this Sunday is Matthew 23:1–12. Jesus taught that all people should help and serve one another, rather than acting more important than others. As all together read and listen to the story. Children and youth will be invited to talk about times when they have had to help but didn’t really want to. When have they felt really happy to help? What made them so willing? What are some ways we can show our love for God by serving others? Children will be excused from service after their Conversation with Pastor Lou in the worship service, but will come back to share Communion with their families and friends. Ingrid Cervantes and Patricia Pastás will be with your children at Faith-works this Sunday. Childcare will be available for children 5 years and under in the 2nd floor classrooms.

Up-Coming Events and Activities

   Don’t miss the call of Halloween night…

When: Thursday, October 30

Time: 6:00 to 8:00 P.M.

Where: High Mountain Presbyterian Church

Wear your favorite costumes and join us for games, music, treats, family time, and good fun... send a friend if you can’t make it! (No costumes required)

Please leave your donations of Halloween treats, fall foods and homemade goodies in the kitchen Thursday morning or afternoon before the party. No food containing nuts, please. Thanks!

To help us plan RSVP by Wednesday, October 29th at 2pm @ (201)891-0511 or at 

   Nativity Pageant: Sunday, December 14. Please save the date! We’ll keep you posted.

   Confirmation Class 2015 retreat: March 13 to 15. Please mark your calendars.

Program details to follow. But feel free to email Patricia Pastás at or leave a message at (201)891-0511 if you have questions or need additional information


Thank You !!

The Mission Outreach Committee is most thankful for the fifteen volunteers (young and older) who served fifteen large trays of tossed salad, hearty meat and pasta and lemonade, followed by fresh fruit and chocolate chip cookies. One hundred and twenty five people

thanked us and we, in turn, are thanking

those who cooked and served at the St. Iglesia Church in Paterson. We filled them with warm food and they filled our hearts with joy.


CFA Thanksgiving Collection November 16

Tote bags are available in the narthex for our annual Thanksgiving Food Collection for the Center for Food Action. Flyer attached to the bag lists requested foods. Please advise Lois Gassman or Tom Noonan if you have a turkey. These will be kept frozen at church until all donations are delivered to Mahwah. Supermarket Gift Cards should also be given to them and not placed in the tote bags. Any questions, please check with Lois or Tom.

If you would like to assist with the distribution to families Saturday, November 22 from 9 to 4 pm at Lincoln Technical Institute, Mahwah, please contact Barbara Fernstrom, 973-271-3389 and indicate hours you would like to work. Minimum age is 16.


Fair Food Program Label

Look for this label, to be worn on tomatoes produced on farms participating in the Fair Food Program.

Most of the whole tomatoes purchased in our country come from Florida. This is part of the project of the Coalition of Immokalee Workers for better wages and working conditions for farm workers. Postcards are available in the narthex for Ahold, parent company of Stop and Shop, requesting they join many other corporations in the Fair Food Program. The campaign also continues to encourage Wendy’s to also be part of the Program. Current participants include Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Walmart, Burger King and McDonalds

High Mountain Continues To Support Paterson Habitat

Check out a copy of “The Builder” newsletter of Paterson Habitat on the “Please Take One” shelf in the narthex. Our church is noted as the second highest giving congregation this year supporting its work.  As they celebrate their 30th anniversary, we are proud to have continued our contributions since its inception, assisting in building 300 homes in the city of Paterson, as well as many internationally.


Sunday Bulletin Prayers & Announcements      Announcement for the Sunday Worship service should be emailed to the church office. Your announcement will appear in the next Sunday bulletin. Deadline is the Wednesday before that week’s bulletin comes out.

If you would like the community to pray with you for a person or circumstance please call the office no later than 2:30PM on the Friday before, and we will add this to our Prayer Concerns List.

Office number is 201-891-0511


Bible Study Invitation

HMPC members and friends meet every Wednesday from 2-3:30 with Pastor Lou and read a section of the bible and discuss how it relates to their everyday lives. If this sounds good to you, please consider joining us; coffee and cookies usually accompany the discussions. Everyone is welcome!

Sunday Server Sign-Up Sheet; Fourth Quarter 2014










B. Jordan

F. Auld

S. Lehman





M. Holt


C. Rizzo

C. Meslink


A.&M. Lembo,

C. Herrera




M. McColl

B. Graham



G. Nutile




L. Gassman

L. Dearani



A.&M. Lembo


S. Lehman


M. Palermo

Palermos & Sibbalds


A.&M. Lembo, G. Nutile


B. Graham

L. Latham

S. Aylward






C. Meslink

W. McColl

T. Jadick



A.&M. Lembo, G. Nutile I.Cervantes



P. Harder

S. Lehman

L. Peterson



A.&M. Lembo



T. Noonan

T. Jadick

L. Dearani






B. Graham




C. Herrera, G. Nutile

*Assigned families can decide who will be reader. Please inform Chris who is reading one week before you are scheduled. Two or more people can share ushering and hospitality duties. If you cannot be available when assigned, please switch with someone else and inform the office of this change. Please check PM regularly to see the date of your assignment. We need a few more volunteers for the listed duties. If you can help in anyway, please call the office at 201-891-0511 or Kathy Behnke at 973-427-3905 and we can add you to the list. Thank you for kindness and generosity in assisting with the church service.