Every Sunday 10:00 AM Worship
Communion served 1st Sunday of Month
Knitting Group 2nd Sunday of Month in                   
                  Sanctuary 12-1:30PM
Every Tuesday – Bible Study 7-8:30PM
Every Wednesday - Bible Study with         
           Rev. Lou Kilgore 10-11:30AM          
Fri 6/24 HMPC Book Group 1-3PM
Sat 6/25 Community Garage Sale 9AM-4PM
Sat7/2-9 Mission Trip Pastor Lou Away
Mon 7/4 July 4th Office Closed
Tue 7/12-27 Chris Buckley Vacation
Hunger Doesn’t Take a Vacation
School will soon be out and students will not have access to meals provided to children in need. Donors take vacations and contributions at Center for Food Action decrease during the summer. Donations can be left in the baskets in the narthex to be delivered to CFA in Mahwah. Most needed items are: peanut butter and jelly, macaroni and cheese, canned meat, tuna & beans, rice and pasta, low sugar cereal, dental hygiene products, spaghetti sauce, canned fruits and vegetables, 100% juice, diapers(size 2,3 &4), infant formula & baby food, Ensure.
Book Club at HMPC
The Book Club meets on the 4th Friday
of the month and anyone is invited to
come and discuss the books.
6/24 Fool Me Once by Harlan Coban

HMPC Community Garage Sale
HMPC is hosting a community-wide garage sale on Saturday, June 25th from 9AM-4PM. Come and sell your stuff! To reserve a table please call 201-891-0511. Each table is $30 and the proceeds from the table sales will benefit the 2016 Mission Trip to Maine.

Mission Trip Invitation
Adults and youths age 13 and older are invited to participate in Mission at the Eastward (MATE) in Farmington, ME, from Saturday, July 2 - 9.
The HMPC team will stay in a U of Maine dormitory and repair homes of local residents in need. Volunteers receive on-the-job training from experienced project leaders. For more trip information, please contact Pastor Lou.
Prayers& Announcements      
Announcements for the Sunday Worship service should be emailed to the church office. If you would like the community to pray with you for a person or circumstance please call the office at 201-891-0511.
In this week’s story, (2 Kings 2:1–2, 6–14) Elijah comes to the end of his life and is taken away in a chariot of fire. As Elijah is swept into the whirlwind, his mantle falls off and Elisha picks it up. The mantle is a symbol of leadership. With it, Elisha is able to part the waters of the Jordan River, just as Elijah had done. The authority and power of Elijah has been passed to Elisha and it is his turn to share God’s messages with the people. Younger children in our group are often very willing to share experiences and events from the past weeks. As their memory and language skills increase, their stories become more complex and detailed. Children also love to hear stories about themselves. They understand that they learn how to function in the world by watching and learning from their parents, older siblings, and other important adults in their lives. Older children know what it is to look up to someone so much that they want to be just like that person. As their awareness of role models outside the family increases, some will take inspiration from an athlete or performing artist. Others find inspiring models in an outstanding coach, an excellent teacher, or a teenager who shines in a particular way. In this week’s story, children will hear how Elisha learns how to be a prophet from Elijah and inherits the prophetic ministry after Elijah is gone. The reading from 2 Kings tells the story of their last journey together. At our time together we will explore the Bible story further according to the group’s interests and abilities and hands on activities. The wondrous events, such as Elijah’s disappearance in a fiery chariot, will stir their imaginations and open-ended wondering questions at the end of the story will help facilitate an imaginative spirit.
Happy End of School to all our children and Youth!
Faithworks classes will have a recess during the month of July and August. Childcare will be available for children ages 4 and up on the 2nd floor classrooms on Sundays during worship services.
At the end of this school year we are sending out to all our children and youth a word of appreciation for all your accomplishments, big and small. We are looking forward to the summer and our Vacation Bible Camp. We remember also teachers, janitors, cafeteria workers, and all others who work at schools. We pray that God keeps you all safe and enjoy the break to start again renewed and refreshed in the fall. May God's blessings await us next year, to embrace each new challenge without fear, full of peace, full of hope, full of joy, and full of love.
Celebrating Our Graduates! Congratulations to Sophie Worrall, as she graduates from Wayne Valley High School on Thursday, July 23rd. Sophie is the granddaughter of Mr.& Mrs. Walt and Jean Worrall.
Upcoming events
·         July 18 – 23 – Presbyterian Youth Triennium at Perdue University West Lafayette, Indiana is a gathering for high school age youth that occurs every three years. Our Church is sending two delegates and they are going! God is calling us to GO. To go with GOD is to embark on a “worthy adventure.”
·         August 16 – 19 from 9 to 12 noon, High Mountain Presbyterian Church VBC is soon approaching so we are working hard putting together all loose ends towards our next meeting that will be announced soon. The best and fast means of communication with all VBC staff and volunteers who have signed up already is via e-mail. Therefore, we kindly request from you to regularly check your emails so all VBC crew is connected and in the same page. We’re still looking for volunteers. Please prayerfully consider helping out with decorating before VBC, preparing snacks or in any activity you are good at. Even just working behind the scenes. If you are interested, do not hesitate to let us know. And thanks! This summer we invite kids to have a blast with our Bible Blast to the Past VBC. Find out how God's love makes a difference in every story, at every time—including our own story right now! K - 6th grade in Sept 2016. Youth 8th grade in September 2016 are welcome. REGISTRATIONS NOW OPEN! Download a form from our website or just take one and a flyer at the church on Sunday. More info. Contact Patricia Pastás at (201)891-0511 or email

      Sunday Server Sign-Up Sheet; Second Quarter 2016
C. Meslink
T. Jadick
P. Pastás
C. Herrera, I. Cervantes