Every Sunday 10:00 AM Worship

           Choir Practice 8:30AM

Communion served 1st Sunday of Month

Every Wednesday - Bible Study with         

           Rev. Lou Kilgore 2-3:15PM

           Bell Choir Practice 7-8PM


Fri 2/27 HMPC Book Group 1-3PM

Sun 3/1 Annual Meeting 11:15AM

Fri/Sun 3/6- 3/8 Confirmation Retreat


Snow Cancelation Alerts

Last week services were canceled based on the forecast for ice on top of snow and very cold temperatures.  We are sorry if you came to the building and did not get a notice that we were closing.  We are updating our lists and so if you did not receive a call make sure you contact the office at 201-891-0511.  

We have rescheduled the annual meeting for this week, March 1, and we see that there is some talk of snow again.   

Please check your voice mail, and the web page for notices about closings, or if you have Facebook you will see an update there too.  The web site is  

Please make every effort to attend the meeting which will follow the worship service this week.  We are making big decisions about our future and the parking lot renovations.  Hopefully we will see the end of this winter weather soon.

 Pastor Lou 


Evening Bible Reading and Study During the Weeks of Lent.

Starting this week, Wednesday February 25th at 8 pm I will be organizing a study on the gospel of Mark. If 8pm on Wednesday is not a good time for you, come to the first class and meet with the others who come and we will set another time or day. Or you can let me know by email what will work better. I also can support your study by email and share your conversation with the group. Let me know if you want to be part of this.

Mark’s gospel is 16 chapters, or 25 pages long. This is a reading and discussion course. Bring your questions, read the whole thing several times to get a sense of its message.

The class time will be for beginners and advanced alike. We will be looking for fresh understanding of who Jesus is and was to the writer and the first churches. We will be looking to strengthen our own faith and commitment to faith as we read and share with each other. The class will end promptly at nine each week. We will meet for five weeks.  

Starting today read the whole gospel and mark down anything that stands out as you read…surprises, questions, comments you want to make. I hope to see you on Wednesday! -- Pastor Lou  

Call for the Annual Corporate/ Congregational Meeting-Note Date Change

Please note that there will be a Meeting of the Corporation and the Congregation of the High Mountain Presbyterian Church on Sunday, March 1, 2015 at 11:15AM.

·         For the election of Officers

·         Review of the Session’s Budget

·         Renewal of the Terms of Call for Rev. Louis Kilgore

·        Receiving the Annual Reports                                          


Book Club at HMPC

The Book Club meets on the 4th Friday

of the month and anyone is invited to

come and discuss the books.

Feb. 27 Small Blessings by Martha


Mar. 27 Half Broke Horses by Jeanette Wills  

 April 24 Train to Warsaw Gwen Edleman     

May 22 Where’d You Go Bernadette? by Maria Semple  

June 26  Wild by Cheryl Strayed  

September 25 Edge of Eternity by Ken Follett    


Calling All Knitters! 

Come join us as we gather for a Knitting Circle.  We will meet in the Sanctuary following our fellowship with refreshments after service the second Sunday of each month, roughly from 12-1:30pm.  We look forward to spending some time together with our knitting projects to inspire each other and knit our community closer together.


Bible Study Invitation

HMPC members and friends meet every Wednesday from 2-3:30 with Pastor Lou and read a section of the bible and

discuss how it relates to their everyday lives. If this sounds good to you, please consider joining us; coffee and cookies usually accompany the discussions. Everyone is welcome!



Our focus scripture reading this Sunday is Genesis 17:1–16. It tells us the story of another covenant: the promise God made to Abram and to Sarai. This promise came to them when they are very old. Abram and Sarai are called to leave all they know and journey to a foreign land: a land where God will help them find a true home. Hagar, Sarai’s slave will play a very important role in this story and in Abraham’s and Sarah’s journeys. Abraham would be the ancestor of “a multitude of nations.” Christians share the Abrahamic tradition with Jews and Muslims. All three faiths count Abraham as their literal or spiritual ancestor, and all three recognize Abraham’s line as a legacy of divine grace. This week’s session provides an opportunity for young people to meet two “faith ancestors.” This story is one of the foundational stories of our faith and presents Sarah and Abraham as role models of faithful living. The promises of faithful relationship are initiated by God, not based on merit or worth, with the purpose of bringing blessing to all the earth. Young people will hear about God’s active presence in the lives of Abraham and Sarah. As they make connections between the biblical story and their own lives, they will explore God’s presence and promise in their own lives, and consider that they are also a part of the generations promised to Abraham and Sarah.

This Sunday we'll have Communion, so children will be excused from service after the Children’s Conversation with Pastor Lou in the worship service, but will come back to have Communion with the congregation. Children and youth up to 15 years old are welcome to join us. Giana Nutile and Patricia Pastás will be at Faithworks this Sunday.

Up-Coming events

·         Final call. “Stop Hunger Program Now” event at the Presbyterian Church of Tenafly for Middle School, High School and College Students is this coming Saturday, February 28th from 11 am to 5 pm. RSVP with Patricia Pastás at or see her before or after worship service. Flyers with additional information and registration are available in the church’s vestibule.

·         Final call. Weekend retreat and Confirmation Class. Email Patricia at or come to the second floor to get your children registered, ask questions and receive additional information and thanks!

·         Petting Zoo and Easter Egg Hunt. On Palm Sunday, March 29 beginning at 9:45am. So please save the date.


More Kudos For The Coalition Of Immokalee Workers

Just a few short weeks ago the CIW was awarded the 2015 Presidential Medal for Extraordinary Efforts to Combat Trafficking in Persons. Presented at the White House by Secretary of State John Kerry, the award reads:

“For its extraordinary efforts to combat human trafficking by pioneering the Fair Food Program, empowering agricultural workers, and leveraging market forces and consumer awareness to promote supply chain transparency and eradicate modern slavery on participating farms, we award this Presidential Award.”


Shop And Support Habitat

Amazon will donate .5% of your purchase price automatically to Paterson Habitat for Humanity. Go to


Sunday Bulletin Prayers & Announcements     

Announcement for the Sunday Worship service should be emailed to the church office. Your announcement will appear in the next Sunday bulletin. Deadline is the Wednesday before that week’s bulletin comes out.

If you would like the community to pray with you for a person or circumstance please call the office at 201-891-0511





Sunday Server Sign-Up Sheet; First Quarter 2015











M. Palermo



G. Nutile


B. Graham

L. Latham

T. Jadick



I. Cervantes, C. Herrera


M. DeBlock

T. Jadick

C. Mainardi

L. Dearani


A. & M. Lembo


M. Holt


L. Peterson

S. Dirringer


G. Nutile, C. Herrera




C. Meslink


L. Dearani

J. Watkins


A. & M. Lembo, I. Cervantes


*Assigned families can decide who will be reader. Please inform Chris who is reading one week before you are scheduled. Two or more people can share ushering and hospitality duties. If you cannot be available when assigned, please switch with someone else and inform the office of this change. Please check PM regularly to see the date of your assignment. We need a few more volunteers for the listed duties. If you can help in anyway, please call the office at 201-891-0511 or Kathy Behnke at 973-427-3905 and we can add you to the list. Thank you for kindness and generosity in assisting with the church service.